Our Industries

T.J.G. Consulting professionals bring deep industry expertise gained from countless hands-on experiences spanning functions, sectors, and geographies. We draw on tested research methodologies, analytical tools, and strategic frameworks to provide context, but weigh findings against our personal knowledge of how an industry actually works.

Our industry experience and innovative thinking combine to move our recommendations beyond formula and orthodoxy and pinpoint the best and most practical course of action. Stay ahead of the curve with professionals who understand your industry and can keep your company ahead of the competition.

If you do not see your specific industry below, please contact us, as not every area of our sector expertise is represented here.

Specific Industries:
  • Hospitality/Hotel Acquisition & Consulting
  • Retail/Wholesale Acquisition & Consulting
  • Manufacturing/Distribution Acquisition and Consulting
  • Construction Consulting
  • Representation to Regional Governments
  • Backed by our action-oriented methodology, our mergers & acquisitions and consulting engagements have helped clients:
  • Increase revenue and profit growth
  • Access new markets and customers
  • Create value for current and new customers
  • Capture more of the value chain
  • Establish competitive barriers

  • The Key to M&A Success

    Process & Organizational Alignment

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